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A village appraisal is a type of "stocktaking" of a community, carried out by local people, to identify whether anything requires improving, protecting or changing.

The appraisal presents a picture of the village as it is now and gives all residents the opportunity to offer their own personal views and opinions (anonymously) which can be taken into account when future decisions are made.

In autumn 1995 it was decided that a village appraisal would be a valuable exercise for Gisburn Although many appraisals have been carried out in other parts of the country, this would be the first undertaken in the Ribble Valley

In March 1996, a public meeting was held, a steering committee formed and items for consideration were raised.

The Steering Group

Secretary Mrs K. A. Calvert

Treasurer Mr W. S. Pate

Other Members Mrs S.E. Waller,  Mr J. Dinsdale, Mr F.A. Wrathhall

Our appraisal was named "GISBURN 2001" because although the survey was to take place in 1996, our intention would be to look forward into the next millennium.

Several months of preparation work were then embarked upon by the steering committee, group work was undertaken with the Monday Club and St Man/s Youth Club, and in September 1996 questionnaires were distributed and collected by 13 local volunteers.

A questionnaire was distributed to every one of the 168 households (including farms) within the Parish of Gisburn, 84.5 % of these were returned and 298 residents of 11 years and over completed the questionnaire.

Questionnaires were also distributed to 36 businesses (not including farms) in the Parish, 30 replies were received, giving a return of 83%

Subjects Covered in the Appraisal and Published Report

History ....Population ...Housing ....Business and Employment ....Local Business Survey....Retail Services and Other Facilities...Education ...Religion ...Information and Communications ...Social Activities ....Village Traditions....Transport...Traffic ...Emergency, Environmental and Other Services…Health and Social Services...Local Countryside and Environment...Local Government ...Planning ....Miscellaneous ...

In addition to the above subjects the report:-

Contains views and opinions of the residents of Gisburn.

Identifies key issues in Gisburn.

Provides useful and factual information about Gisburn.

Identifies what residents would like of and for Gisburn.

Can be used to help obtain solutions and resources for possible problems.

Can be used to help plan for the future.

Provides an interesting and useful document for the archives.

The Final Report was published and printed in September 1997 and has provided much of the material for this web site.

A copy is available for study at Clitheroe Library

The text for this page was sourced from the "Gisburn 2001" Village Appraisal Report.