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Historical Research :-

Some recent research by Margaret Birkbeck for Gisburn Historical Society

Past and Present Shops in Gisburn. Retail outlets.

First Fish and Chip Shop in an out building behind Snowhill. Late 1920-1930. Run by Mr and Mrs Charles Whaller. Also a Hairdressing Shop. "Gents" at the same location behind Snowhill. Run by Tim Thourogood about 1930.

Miss Sarah Glover at 7 Church View selling Sweets Chocs, Tobacco, Potatoes and General Household food, soft drinks around 1920-1930.

Mrs Gill at Grove Cottage Shop selling, Sweets, Chocs, Bread, Cakes, Sugar, Flour and General Household food and Soft drinks. About late 1930-1940.

Mr and Mrs Hebden ran a shop selling General Household food and ran a small cafe. at what is now the Cottage Restaurant Main Street. After that Mr and Mrs Charles Whaller moved their Fish and Chip Shop Business to the same building after the Hebdens moved out. When Mr and Mrs Whaller retired Mr and Mrs Tim Thuragood took over running a fish and Chip shop with a cafe and chips and fish Restaurant upstairs. They also ran a side line of a shop selling cakes, bread, Sweets and Household, general food and soft drinks. After they Retired it became a Tea Room and Small Restaurant run by different people.

Then Linda and Michael Farnworth took over and opened a Ladies and Gents Casual Clothes Shop. After they closed the shop down it became a flat which it still is today. Along with that part of the building. They still run a Restaurant up to the side Ginnel, towards Snowhill Studio.

The First Co-operative Store opened where the Cottage Restaurant is now in the room near the Ginnel this was run by Edith Nutter. When she retired the Business moved to the Main Street Gisburn, after the business Sold. Mr and Mrs Richard Nutter bought it and ran it as General Store and Fruit, Veg. When he retired Adel and Ron Broadhead took it over and ran it on the same lines as General Village Shop. When they sold out Hudsons Ice Cream Parlour and Tea Room opened, it and after they closed down it went back to being a House and still is to day.
Snow Hill Studio was a Boot and Shoe Repair Shop for a few years using the bottom front-room. Run by Mr Rex Birkbeck of Gisburn.

The Post Office and General Store was run by Mr and Mrs Lightbound at No 9 Main Street. Then Mr and Mrs Fielding and a number of other people ran it for a number of years. The Post Office Department moved to No 3 Park View and it has also been run from where Snow Hill Studio is. But is now back at No 9 Park View run by Mike and Jacqui Teasdale, Post Office and General Store and Off Licence, Toys and Fancy Goods.

A Green Grocers Shop on Main Street. Ran by Tomlinson's after they left Mr and Mrs Warmsly ran a General Store, after them the Precious Family ran it they also had a Tea Room. It is now a House, next door a Butchers Shop ran by Jack Stirk. Also Mr and Mrs Smith then Mr and Mrs Parker and Ian Frankland, then David Lowe. When he gave over Trading it became a Motor Bike Spare part shop and then a Fancy Goods and Antique Shop now closed not trading.

Next door is a shop. Which is in the rooms of a former Bank, Village branch. The Old Bank shop selling plants, Flowers and Garden Tubs and Household goods and General store and Sweets, soft drinks run by Zivana Hodson.

The Ivy Barn Shop on Burnley Road opened by Mr and Mrs Shaw selling gifts and fancy goods, Mrs Rita Watson followed them selling the same type of goods then Mrs Mason took over, keeping the same type of goods for sale. Her daughter Gillian opened a Ladies and Gents Hairdressers upstairs at the same place. When Mrs Mason sold out, the Ivy Barn became an Antiques Shop which it still is today.

Lindley Pate had a shop on Lyndale Terrace selling farm hardware and household hardware and some work clothes. This shop is no longer there as it is now a house. They are now trading from Lyndale Works near Gisburn Auction Mart. They also had a shop on Main Street which later became the Rose Alley. Mr Jack Thourogood had a shop selling pottery and glassware, he also sold thimbles and transfers were put on them and also pottery and glassware. This was where a Blacksmiths used to be, it is a now a bungalow.

Also shops still trading:

Mitchells Mobile Butcher
D. Kendall Mobile Fish Van
Carrs Billington Mill Lane Gisburn

Mr Hornby had a shop next to the White Bull Hotel in the 1930 selling anything from a sewing needle to a roll of cloth, cotton, buttons, pins etc. After he retired Lindley Pates took this over as a shop and showroom. After them Jack Thourogood took over an antiques shop. When he moved out it became a ladies and gents clothes shop with some fancy goods the name of the shop was called Rose Alley.

When it stopped trading it was sold to Mrs Mason who bought it and moved from the Ivy Barn and she sold fancy goods, knitting wool and casual wear. Her daughter Gillian opened a Ladies and Gents Hairdressing Salon in a room at the back of the shop. They lived in a flat over the shop till Mrs Mason's death it was sold and is now a house.

A small shoe repair shop attached to the right hand side of the Ribblesdale Arms Hotel opened a few days a week. The building is no longer there.

A Toll Bar House and sweet shop selling soft drinks and snacks, sandwiches, cakes, tea and coffee etc was about a ¼ of a mile from Gisburn on the right hand side on the Burnley Road in the 1930s. The building is no longer there.

Susan Spencer runs an antique shop at the Old Vicarage following on from her mother and father, Mr and Mrs Jack Thourogood she is still trading.